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Study Reveals Economic Immigrants Earn More than National Average

A recent internal report by the government of Canada revealed some encouraging news for those considering immigrating to Canada: soon after arrival, highly skilled Canadian immigrants earn more than the Canadian average.

The report, which was obtained by The Canadian Press through an Access to Information request, looks at the economic and social outcomes of newcomers to Canada who came through its various immigration programs. While all immigrants perform better the longer they are living in the country, the evidence shows that highly skilled immigrants receive above the national wage/salary average soon after arriving in the country, suggesting that the government’s emphasis on ‘human capital’—education, skills, language ability, etc—is successfully producing job-ready newcomers with a high earning-potential.

This is great news for anyone thinking about immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker, and I would encourage you to contact me so that you can begin the process of emigrating to Canada.

Make that money!

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