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Can I Qualify for Permanent Residency with just a Canadian Education?

From coast to coast, Canada accepts hundreds of thousands of international students into the country every year. In fact, with isolationism and far-right attitudes spreading throughout Europe and south of the border in the USA, many universities across the country are experiencing jumps in international student enrollment of between 25%-40%. In Ontario alone, international students collectively pay $1.3 billion in tuition fees every year, paying upwards of 4-5 times the annual fees of their Canadian classmates.

A Canadian education, certainly helps you on your way to permanent residency in Canada. And in some cases, students graduating with a Canadian Masters or PhD can apply for permanent residency directly after their graduation based exclusively on their education. But for most immigration programs, a Canadian education is only a pathway to permanent residency when combined with either a job offer (as is the case for many provincial nominee programs) or a year of qualifying work experience (for something like Express Entry).

But fear not! Even if you don't qualify for permanent residency quite yet, a Canadian degree still sets you on the best path to permanent residency and citizenship that Canada has to offer, so long as you're willing to wait a little while longer to get it. Patience is a virtue.

Are you a recent graduate? Graduating soon? On a post graduate work permit? If you want to better understand your options for permanent residency and citizenship, send me an email.

Keep studying, Thomas Sproat R515846

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