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Natural Resources, Nature and Open Space: Canada has Much to Offer

Reasons for immigrating to Canada can generally be grouped into two categories; family reasons or economic reasons (though of course that's not true for all). These two categories of immigration account for a huge portion of the overall immigrant numbers to the country each year, as people from all over the world come to Canada to be reunited with loved ones--parents with children, spouses with each other--or in pursuit of a better job, financial security and improved economic outlooks. These motivations are repeated in many of the top immigrant destinations around the world.

But often when speaking to clients about why they chose Canada instead of, for example, Australia or England or even the USA, I repeatedly hear the same types of answers.

The space. The natural beauty.

The vast amount of vital natural resources.

This really shouldn't be surprising to anyone familiar with Canada. As the world's second largest country but with a smaller population than South Korea and the Philippines, and bordered by three oceans while containing roughly 20% of the world's freshwater (seriously: Ontario alone has over 250,000 freshwater lakes!), Canada possesses an envious abundance of fresh water, open space and natural beauty that are becoming increasingly rare in other parts of the world.

The diversity and size of Canada's landscape means that a trip across Canada can feel like you are travelling through several different countries; with the rocky mountains to the West, the vast plains in the prairie provinces, the rugged, untouched North and the other-worldly beauty of places like Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland to the East, Canada is several different countries rolled into one. It's no wonder then that it continues to be a top destination for people from across the globe who, whatever their reasons for immigrating, are all drawn to the size, space and sheer beauty of Canada.

Like what you see? Contact me today to see how you can be here, too.

Stay beautiful,

Thomas Sproat RCIC 515846

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