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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Reopens for 2018

In exciting news for anyone looking for a (relatively) quick and easy path to Permanent Residency in Ontario, the Ontario government has announced it is reopening it's much celebrated Immigrant Nominee Program for 2018.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) will select a total of 6,600 applications from across several different streams:

-Corporate Stream for existing corporations wishing to purchase or expand their business into Ontario;

-Entrepreneur Streams for those hoping to start a new business or purchase an existing business in Ontario;

-The Foreign Worker, In Demand Skills and International Student streams for eligible candidates with qualifying full time, permanent job offers;

-The Human Capital stream for Masters and PhD students who meet all the requirements and apply within two years of their graduation;

-The Ontario Express Entry stream for those with active profiles within the federal Express Entry system and meet either the Human Capital Priorities, French Speaking or Skilled Trades eligibility criteria.

All of these programs qualify applicants and their families for permanent residency in Canada. To find out whether you qualify, click the links throughout this post or contact me today to book a consultation.

Good luck, Thomas Sproat

RCIC 515846

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