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New Year Immigration Resolutions

The year 2018 comes with many challenges, hopes and possibilities, including for some the opportunity to immigrate to Canada. But with literally dozens of different immigration programs to choose from, how can a person know which one to pick? After all...

To make things easier, the following is an (incomplete) list of some of the more popular pathways to life in Canada.

1) Express Entry Express Entry, and for the purposes of this article all of the Provincial Nomination Programs as well, has quickly become the driving force behind Canadian immigration. If you are educated, can speak with near-fluency in English or French, and have work experience in an eligible profession, then you should consider Express Entry. Bonus for anyone educated at a Canadian school or with Canadian work experience!

2) Family Sponsorship

Eligible Canadian permanent residents or citizens are eligible to sponsor their spouse/partner/common law/parent/grandparent/dependent child(ren) for permanent residency in Canada. While this application still has a lengthy processing time (the government has committed to 12 months or less) and a long list of required paperwork and documentation, the Canadian government's commitment to family reunification means that this is a very solid option for anyone with a genuine relationship to an eligible family member.

3) Temporary Residency

More specifically as a student at a Canadian post-secondary institution or a worker on a work permit. While neither of these qualify for permanent residency by themselves, both provide a terrific boost to future applications for permanent residency through the Express Entry system, offering significant amount of points (for Canadian education or Canadian work experience/job offer) that often prove to be the difference in receiving that all important invitation to apply for permanent residency.

To speak more about these options, be sure to book a consultation today! And remember, should you decide to use my full services, the consultation is free!

Best wishes in 2018, Thomas Sproat RCIC 515846

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